Social Media Award

FGC 2020 - 2022 - 2023

Grand Challenge (Silver)

FGC 2021

Engineering Design (Silver)

FGC 2022

Outstanding Mentor Award

FGC 2020

Safety Award

FGC 2019

Finalist Team Award


Special Jury Award

FGC 2023

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Four main groups:

At the Iran Robotics Team, we operate with four main

Technical Group

Focuses on programming, robot design, construction, and engineering tasks to make everything the best possible.

Public Relations

Connects with organizations, companies, schools, and other national teams for sponsorship and collaboration. Manages the team's social media accounts.

Content Creation

Creates multimedia content for the Iran team's social media and project presentations, such as videos, motion graphics, and subtitles.

Management Group

Learns agile project management and facilitates tracking and management for each group. Team and group captains are part of this group.

Projects we're proud of: